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Description:   Do you want to make a professional first impression? Of course you do! Your Logo, Business Cards, and Banner are your trademark and identity on the Internet. Whether you are opening an Etsy, Ebay, or your own website on the Internet, these are the things that a potential customer will see first, then decide if you are worthy of their time. This is your opportunity to make a GOOD or even GREAT first impression! Next to your name, your Internet identity is the next most important step in being successful, not only on the web, but in person. How do most websites quickly move up in the Internet search engines? By constantly having high traffic. In addition, along with a Quality product or service, you need to have good Internet tools.   I can help you.

Here is what you get-
A custom Logo design including these files:
1 -1500 x 1500 – 300/600 dpi logo for printing to an outside printer
1 - High Resolution PDF of logo
1 - Layered PSD or AI file
1 - 150 dpi-RGB logo for the web

Professional Logo Designed in Illustrator

Logo Options

& Clearly Defined Designs

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Description:  Do you want to start selling on your website? Maybe you are a crafter with just a few items or you want to get your feet wet without sinking a lot of money into an ecommerce website or integrate a whole shopping cart program, at least to start. Well, maybe you did not know you can add PayPal buttons, with code to most websites without paying additional commerce or cart fees. Here I can create and train you to create more, or simply create  PayPal buttons and insert the codes into most websites that offer HTML coding. A great way to start or create a safe and secure  shopping experience for both you and your customer. 

Add PayPal "Buy Now"  buttons to your website

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