Portfolio / Samples

With a Private Commercial studio where I can cater to your individual needs. Whether you want a specific style or consistent background, graphic, creative background, rendered and drop shadows added, I will showcase your product for you. As you can see, everyone has their own "feel", style, look, or Branding style. You may want a color neutral grey, or white background., a warming effect, photographed on props or simply on supplied or my stock of slate or marble. My studio can produce quality results in a private controlled environment. I am even mobile or able to perform location shooting. 

Whether you need an Advertisement, Menu, Flyer, Catalog, Stand Alone, Promotional Item, Magazine Page or Cover or just help with an ad or brochure, I am happy to be of service to you.  

All Artwork done in Illustrator, with layers that can easily be edited or altered for color and fonts. All my design images are created in illustrator for the best vector graphics, enlargement or reproduction. As with complex designs, sometimes in combination with Photoshop or in Photoshop for photographs and certain rastor effects. Layout designs are created using the industry standards for print in either Illustrator, InDesign or Quark. To guarantee you the professional finish you need. I have been creating professional layouts & designs, at the highest standards, from skills in which I obtained working on Magazines and Catalogs at the worlds largest printing company. 

Paypal Buttons

Need paypal integration, sandbox tests and paypal buttons?  Button Packages start at $25 a button and I walk you through how to do it yourself, multi-button discount to full integration on your ecommerce site. 

Professional Logo Designed in Illustrator - Use our PayPal Button and purchase for only $99.99 . Includes 3 revises, original Illustrator files, pdf, jpegs high res and low res rgb for the web, Plus other files. 

Need custom Wedding Invitations? How about a photographer for your wedding or special event?

Having started  out working in film, both still and video, as a Wedding photographer, I know how to coordinate with the Wedding planner, Band or entertainment, to get that perfect shot and to take the stress off you.

You have enough to worry about, you need professionals to help capture your special day!. 

Business solutions and Branding. Your Brand is the most important part of your business. You can have an AWESOME product or service, but if no one knows about it or you, how will they know about this awesome item pr service? This is where you need to step up and make your Brand. You want your brand on EVERYTHING!!! Every file online should have your brand, every item on your showroom or storefront, on your receipts, your business cards... if you offer a service, your brand should be on everything from your clothing to vehicle. If there is one thing you do to help your business this year, make BRANDING your top priority!

Web Solutions, Ecommerce, Websites, Web Graphics, Gifs, Banners, Blogs........ Etsy, eBay, Dewanda, Amazon, Facebook, Tweeting, Pintrest .... Where do you start? Domain names, webspace, freespace, shareware, SSL, paypal integration, paypal buttons, shopping carts .. OH MY!!

It can easily get confusing and overwhelming if you are not a webdesigner and/or webmaster.  Do you use a template system or pure code? Well, that depends on what you want to do. Templates are not all bad, they can be a great place to start, just make sure you have the option to customize. Don't forget about SEO or Search Engine Optimization, unless you do not care about being found in a browser search?

Or... You can just give me a call, we can meet, have some coffee or tea, and discuss your needs. I hate to see people buy stuff they do not need, and not buy what they really need. Why buy a template system webspace and pay for additional "pages"  and a shopping cart when a yearly hosting and SSL with an ecommerce application that offers WAY more versatility than that "other" plan, and cost's less too? But you did not know that, because it is the hosting companies job to sell you a website, not necessarily to save you time or money. It is MY job to create a website that fits your needs and gives you room to grow. I have no affiliation with any hosting company, I just have few favorites that I personally use. Give me a call, tell me what you want or have and let's make your website as awesome as you!

I have been creating Logo designs for small businesses for years, and I ONLY create them in Illustrator, so they are able to be scaled to ANY size. Beware of those who create them as Rastor images in Photoshop, they may look good small or even 12x18 print size (if lucky) but how about when you want to make a banner, billboard or auto graphics? Then you will see why you saved money using a cut rate designer. Not if your logo is a native Illustrator file. Best Quality in the industry is a vector image for this, hands down!

Email studio@clearlydefineddesigns.com for custom pricing for your wedding photography!

We specialize on the artistic end, capturing the love and romance instead of focusing on the same old same old boring..... Wedding packages start as low as $400 and features may include: 1 page website, digital or printed proof albums, online ordering, enlargements, story books, pdf or gif albums, engagement photos, night photography and so much more....

Only $99.99 USD

Set up Paypal/Integration

Photo Restoration, Image Retouching, Recoloring, corrections, Manipulation, copying, Rendering, Shadows, Flesh and Fashion .....  Whatever you need done to that photograph, and have it professionally reprinted or used in an advertisement, or on your business card or website, I can help you with that. Call me for custom pricing.